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Relieve your pain with Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the most effective alternative therapies for the treatment of pain. Its effectiveness to reduceAcupuncture for Pain or eliminate pain ranging from muscular tension to cancer related pain has been documented in several scientific studies. Traditional Chinese medicine aims at resolving the energetic root cause of the symptom, thus preventing deeper and more chronic conditions. Some of the most common conditions treated in our center are:

• Back and Neck Pain

• Lower Back and Sciatic Pain

• Menstrual Pain

• Headaches

• Arthritis

• Foot Pain

• Sport Injuries

In my 13 years practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine I have seen how acupuncture combined with cupping, guasha, herbal medicine and other forms of Oriental Medicine bring almost immediate  pain relief in most cases. If you or someone you know is suffering with pain I strongly recommend that you try acupuncture, just make sure that you seek the services of a licensed acupuncturist practicing oriental medicine.

Our center is located in downtown Bartlett, IL just one block south of the Metra station. If you would like to get more information or to set an appointment please call 630-837-4241.

You don’t have to suffer with pain, Acupuncture can help!

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