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About The Trainer

Lisa Marie is NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, and Behavior Modification Specialist, as well as Yoga Alliance Certified 500 hour Experienced Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer. She has had a life-long love for fitness, and the science of health, and has been training as a profession since 2005, with her own practice since 2008.

Lisa is a results driven, motivating coach that leads by example. She is always seeking ways to improve her own physical well-being, and to keep current and well educated in her profession.

As a mother and business owner she understands the direct impact a busy life can have on our ability to stay healthy and exercise, so her programs are designed to keep each routine enjoyable while maximizing time.

Call Lisa today to discuss your fitness goals today! 630-837-4241 ext 2

Do you find that you lack the discipline to keep on track with a regular fitness routine? Or simply don't know how to reach your goals? Working out at a gym without understanding and focus can be discouraging, and will keep you from ever getting started.

Working closely with a qualified and experienced personal trainer will help you define your goals, perform exercises safely with correct form, create well-designed, effective workout plans, as well as stay motivated and enjoy your time in the gym. 

Our Personal Training Packages offer you a variety of options to keep you on track.

1-on-1 Personal Training Prices

Single Session             $ 85

Kick-Starter                $120 ($50 savings) *2 sessions for new clients only. To be used within 7 days. May be used as a 2 person session.

Five sessions               $375 ($75 ea. $50 savings) to use within 1 month

Ten sessions               $700 ($70 ea. $150 savings) to use within 2 months

Twelve sessions*        $816 ($68 ea. $204 savings) to use within 10 weeks

Eighteen sessions*    $1060 ($60 ea. $530 savings) to use within 3 months

We understand the demands that life can have on everyone. Time and money can affect our accessibility to fitness studios and personal trainers. We have got the perfect solution here!

With our online Personal Training Programs, you will work closely with our Master Personal Trainer, Lisa! Together you will achieve your goals! This program offers you daily workouts, continuously tailored to your progress and goals, with email check-ins, nutrition guidance, and access to Lisa for any questions you have! Plus, you'll save money, and can do your workouts anywhere! All from your computer or smart phone.

Your investment, depending on the services you select, will only be $100-$199 a month!

To discuss your goals and begin your online personal training program today call Lisa at 630-837-4241 ext 2. Or go to 

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