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Best Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Bartlett

Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Reduce your Stress and Boost your Immune System 

Although not at popular as other massage modalities in the United States, lymphatic drainage massage is one of the most therapeutic massage modalities there Lymphatic Drainage massage in Bartletare. This extremely effective form of massage therapy utilizes gentle hand techniques to increase the flow of the lymphatic system, making it beneficial for people with medical needs as well as for healthy individuals.  
Lymphatic drainage is of special benefit for treating conditions and symptoms such as lymphedema, lactation problems, or post surgical recovery. Healthy individuals  can also greatly benefit from this specialized modality since lymphatic drainage massage helps to boost the immune system and reduces stress. 
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Healing After Surgery

According to, lymph drainage massages can help with healing after surgery. This type of massage regenerates tissues to reduce scarring at surgical incision sites. Lymph drainage massages also reduce swelling and detoxify the body, according to the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators. The alliance's website states that lymph drainage massages help speed regeneration of tissues and cells. The massages shouldn't be done right after surgery; instead, a person should wait at least 6 weeks before getting one, or until a doctor clears the patient for massage.

Better Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed a baby, as breast milk is full of nutrients and antibodies. Yet some women experience complications while breastfeeding that are usually due to the baby improperly latching. These complications can include plugged ducts, sore nipples and engorgement, and they can be painful and discouraging. While the effects can get better and completely resolve in time, some women choose to quit breastfeeding because of them. Dr. Bruno Chikly, author of "Silent Waves, Theory and Practice of Lymph Drainage Therapy," states on that lymph drainage massage can help to reduce the swelling of engorgement and ameliorate plugged ducts. Fixing these two problems can reduce soreness in the breasts and nipples, ultimately leading to better breastfeeding.

Improved Immune System

The immune system is tied to the lymphatic system. In fact, if flow of lymphatic materials slows, the immune system weakens. states that lymph drainage massages can improve the function of the immune system and increase the production of antibodies that fight off infections. Lymph drainage massages can also reduce inflammation in the body that causes diseases such as arthritis.


Most massages are relaxing because they are quiet and involve the personal touch of a licensed specialist. Lymph drainage massages can be especially relaxing because they can reduce pain levels in the body. The International Alliance of Healthcare Educators states that the rhythm, pressure and motion of lymph drainage massages work together to reduce pain and stress and to promote general vitality and well-being.

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