I came to One Community Acupuncture Center to see Carlos and be treated for stress and panic attacks. After dealing with an enormous amount of stress in my life for the past year, it took it\’s toll on my health. I was unable to drive, or even go in a store by myself. Carlos is very informative and caring. He explains every step of the treatment. After just two sessions with Carlos, I was beginning to get my life back. I urge anyone who suffers from stress and panic/anxiety attacks to give acupuncture a try. Call Carlos today, don\’t wait any longer.

Sincerely, Linda B. / Bartlett

I had two ruptured discs and was told by an Ortho that I would need surgery. I was in horrible pain, couldn’t stand upright – was leaning to the right for months. I tried everything to heal without having surgery including chiropractic, cortisone shots and physical therapy. The only thing that worked was acupuncture and I was surprised at how quickly! Within a month, 8 months of the worst pain of my life was over. I can’t thank Carlos enough for being so good at what he does because I’m confident that for the maximum benefit you need acupuncture from someone who is really good at it – and that’s Carlos all the way! I don’t do well with needles either and Carlos made me feel very at ease and was understanding of my discomfort about them. I feel better than I did before I had back pain and my body is much more efficient as a whole. Thanks again Carlos!! I highly recommend Carlos Carpintero!!

-Larry Wilson Streamwood, IL

“After 6 months of trying to conceive at the age of 29, I became frustrated and discouraged. I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried the approach of acupuncture. Nervous and not quite sure what to expect, I went in for my first session with Mr. Carpintero on November 10th and walked away feeling relaxed and excited for my next session. On November 30th, I found out that I was pregnant after just 3 sessions of acupuncture!!!! Mr. Carpintero not only takes the time to explain, but is also very gentle and caring. Thank you for helping me in a lifelong dream!”

Beth Peters Bartlett, IL

“I came to Carlos as a last resort in order to achieve a healthy pregnancy. (He came highly recommended, by the way.) He should have been the first one I called. My husband and I tried to get pregnant on our own for 1 year. When it didn’t happen, we started down the dreaded and expensive road of fertility treatments at a high tech facility. After a month of testing, we both were diagnosed with problems. We then tried to get pregnant using the latest technology two different times and failed. The news kept getting worse: We were told our changes with IVF were less than 15%. I started acupuncture and taking herbs in order to regulate my body. As a needle phobic, I was nervous, but Carlos is gentle and calming and professional. His explanation of my body’s deficiencies made sense and I figured acupuncture could only help. During each session I would fall asleep because I was so relaxed and slept well for several nights after each meeting. Within 10 weeks I was pregnant and am now expecting a healthy baby boy in March! I know that acupuncture helped my body to achieve and maintain my pregnancy. I still see Carlos and probably always will! By the way, the specialist I was seeing is amazed I am pregnant especially since it happened during my month ‘off.’”

Jodi Schaumburg, IL

“I have so much to say, Carlos Carpintero, makes you feel like family. He is knowledgeable, honest, gifted with gentleness & precise with his diagnoses. His techniques are amazing, he feels your pulse and knows exactly what to do for you. When you leave his office you will feel the energy rush through your body performing his healing. He is a True Healer.”

Diane J. Beamer,
PhD Hoffman Estates, IL

“Hi, I am a woman in my early 40’s and have read for many years about the benefits of Acupuncture. But like many woman, I have put my health on the back burner. In 2007 I was in a bad car accident and sought out Chiropractic Care. Finally, I was forced to take care of myself more fully. After receiving my Chiropractic treaments I realized how vital optimal health is. The Chiropractic treatments were wonderful and I began to feel empowered with my health. Since I was 18 yrs old, I always had issues with my blood. I felt fatigued throughout the day, and I didn’t feel vitality any longer as I was getting older. It was the slight changes I began to feel with age that bothered me most. So I decided to try Acupuncture. I am so pleased with my treatments from Carlos at One Community Acupuncture. He truly takes his time with you and makes you feel important. He is very knowledgeable and very intuitive when it comes to your health concerns. I have been going for a few months and I feel like a woman in her 20’s. I have recommened his services to other friends and they are all very satisified with their treatments and improvements to their health. Preventative Health Care is your only insurance to Longevity and Vitality.”

Sincerely, Debra